Camels Ride from Petra to Wadi Rum

Day 1: Drive from Petra to Rajif – Camel Ride from Rajif Mountains to Beer Hamad

The king’s high way between the villages of Taybeh and Rajif affords a rare vista of steep sandstone inselbergs with sheer side cliffs, crowned with mazes of domes and little valleys. The inselbergs are dissected by narrow canyons which hide springs and groves of fruit trees. The route goes through several canyons and ascends the inselbergs of Jebel Juleif and Jebel Barza, both offering rewarding views. Ruins of a Nabatean village and an Edomite stronghold are found in the lower reaches of Wadi Tajra to Beer Hamad, which is a Bedouin Well surrounded by Bedouin Tents, where goats come at noon to drink water, we will have our campfire near the well, and spend the night by visiting some Bedouin families and have tea with them.

Day 2: Beer Hamad – Wadi Dhba’a

In the morning we get ready to ride our camels and continue to the beginning of Helwa and Sandunes, we will pass by short canyon which is underground, wet, and cold in winter, there we have our lunch break, and then ride to Old Humeima even we will be there, and camping

Day 3:  – Humaima

We will visit the site: Humeima was a remarkable Nebatean city with a sophisticated water supply system. This is the place to observe the famous Nabatean techniques for providing and conserving water in the desert. Among the ruins are at least 20 cisterns, and aqueduct that was fed by tow springs. Some of the water installations in Humeima are still used today by local Bedouin. Afternoon ride our camels to cross the high way to enter Wadi Rum on the way we pass by Desi desert, we camp near rock bridge ( Borg Kharaza).

Day 4: Humaima – Desi Desert – Kharaza Bridge

Al-Kharaza where uniquely shaped massive mountains rise out of the rose-red desert sand. In the evening a traditional Bedouin dinner will be prepared for you at a campfire. The guide will show some of the most beautiful spots in Wadi Rum and the inscriptions written by the Thamudic and Nabatean people a long, long time ago.

Day 5: Kharaza Bridge – Seven Pillars of Wisdom

In the morning we ride between red cliffs and amazing sandune, follow the pilgrimage route to seven pillars of Wisdom, lunch break, around in Wadi Rum, evening transfer to Aqaba, check in at Hotel, private beach, relax, overnight.

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